Archer Windows Phone Game

Archer Windows Phone

Archer Windows Phone Game is all about skill of taking aim and hitting the target dead center with bow and arrows. The name pretty much sums up the game, if you are in to archery then this game is for you. The game is by AE Mobie the same guys who game us AE 3D Motor, it involves a simple gameplay mechanics. Today we will take a look at what this free game offers gamers on Windows Phone.

When you fire up Archer you got all the usual setting like toggle sound and vibration , a how to section which runs you through the game mechanics using a series of images, a leaderboard that gives you the local and online results which is powered by Scoreloop. When you hit on play you are presented with 3 gameplay modes

Singleplayer : If you are like me this is probably where most of you will spend your time. A straight up time trail mode where you get 20 seconds to take as many shots as you can and the idea is to rake in as many point as you can. Each time you get a bullseye you get an additional 2 second time bonus. The controls are pretty straight fwd, click and drag the arrow to pull and as soon as you begin your hand will begin to wobble . Now you got to take the wind in to consideration line up the shot by moving your finger and when you take your finder off the screen the archer releases the arrow. After a few tries you should find the best spot on the screen where you would want to click and drag. To keep the game interesting you will notice that the target will also move in some rounds. Once the time is up the calculates your score, the scores are calculated based on where you land your arrow , closer to the center gives you more points.

VS : Same as single player but with 2 players, unfortunately it’s not a multiplayer game but just 2 player on the same device.

Training : This is the practice area where there is no countdown timer, so you can go in here to practice and improve your archery skills.

To sum it up , its one of those average casual game that can be fun at times, for a price of $0.00 you can try it out for yourself and decide.

Archer Gameplay

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Archer is a FREE game for Windows Phone

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Click here or the logo of the app below.. you can even scan the barcode below using bing vision. To download the XAP to your PC click here

Scan this QRcode with Bing vision ( Hit the hardware Search button and click on the small icon that looks like an eye ) on your Phone to download the App to your phone.

Price : Free
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Archer Windows Phone Game
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Nothing too exciting.. just an average Windows Phone casual time waster.
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