K Sawyer Paul is a writer, designer and publisher living in Toronto. A long-time Zune and Windows Phone user, K Sawyer enjoys both the simplicity and speed of Windows Phone. His gamer tag is ksawyerlive.
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Bonnie’s Brunch for Windows Phone [ review ]
Bonnie’s Brunch is the first game from Funny Lab Studios to make it over to Windows Phone. This developer excels at creating
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iStunt 2 xBox Live Game for Windows Phone
iStunt is, by its namesake, originally an iOS game. It’s been ported to many places, and it really originates as a flash
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Purple Cherry : Game Boy Emulator for Windows Phone
Emulators for still-in-copyright games are a thorny issue, but the apps exist on almost every computer and mobile phone device. On Windows
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DoDonPachi Maximum Windows Phone Game Review
In every video game console generation, there is a very clear leader and runner-up: The Super Nintendo vs Genesis, the Playstation vs
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Call of Carlos : a fun little survival platformer
There are a lot of phone games built off the lab-rat test one might take in first-year psychology: see just how many