Quick look at Battleship an xBox Live Multiplayer Game

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We have seen many battleship inspired games on Windows Phone some of which offers multiplayer gameplay and today we get the official Hasbro certified Battleship game with all the bells and whistles of an xBox Live title and then some. I had this video ready last week but I have been quite busy these days with my new day job and did not get the time to push it up on the site.

Battleship Gameplay Video

Battleship in essence is the turn based shooter when you place 5 ships on a square grid and take turns trying to sink your opponents ships. There are 3 modes
classic – the good old game when you take one shot then the opponent takes a shot , the last man standing wins
salvos – here you get x number of shots in a turn where x is the number of undamaged ships
super weapons – you unlock various super weapons as you progress through letting you call in devastating airstrikes and laser beams from the stratosphere

That is the solo play , then we have multi-player, probably one of the first xBox live multiplayer games on Windows Phone !! Sadly it would appear this only lets you play against your mates ( read : the folks in your friends list ) ,I have no idea why they would restrict it that way.

Battleship xBox Live Achievements

  • Back to boot camp (10 points): Miss 20 times before you hit a ship.
  • I sunk your battleship (10 points): Sink your opponent’s Battleship before any other ship.(Classic Mode Only)
  • Eyes on the target (10 points): Score a hit on your first Salvo. (Salvo Mode Only)
  • On the hunt (10 points): Hit all 5 ships in a single turn while in Salvo Mode.
  • Gun Captain (15 points): Unlock all super weapons.
  • This is all I need to beat you (5 points): Win a Super-weapons game without using any super weapons. (Only Shell)
  • Reinforcements did not come (10 points): Sink 5 Reinforcement ships.
  • Locking on (5 points): Hit at least one target on your first 3 turns. (Salvo Mode Only)
  • No blue horizon (10 points): Sink 15 Aircraft Carriers. (Classic Mode Only)
  • I See You (15 points): Hit your targets 250 times. (Classic Mode Only)
  • Jack of all trades (5 points): Play all game modes. (MP)
  • Buddy System (15 points): Finish a game with two ships still afloat that are next to each other. (MP)
  • Winning! (5 points): Win very first Multiplayer game. (MP)
  • Undisputed (10 points): Win 5 Salvo games, not using Best of 5. (MP)
  • Sunk but not Destroyed (10 points): Finish a game with your Destroyer still afloat. (MP)
  • Not so sneaky (10 points): Sink 10 Recon Boats using Best of 5. (MP)
  • What comes around (10 points): After the enemy sinks your sub, return the favor on your next turn.(MP)
  • Down with the Ship (5 points): Win a game having only one ship with only one hit remaining.(MP)
  • Commodore (10 points): Win 50 matches. (MP)
  • Admiral (20 points): Win 200 matches. (MP)

Battleship Screenshots

There is a trial version available and the full version is available for $2.99, only classic mode is available in solo play all other modes including multiplayer are locked.

Scan this QRcode with Bing vision ( Hit the hardware Search button and click on the small icon that looks like an eye ) on your Phone to download the App to your phone.

Price : $2.99
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