Robotek turn based multiplayer battle on Windows Phone

Robotek Gameplay

Robotek is turn based multiplayer game for Windows Phone that has got some great graphics and sound and is developed by Hexage a developer who has released some excellent games for Windows Phone.

Robotek Gameplay

Robotek Gameplay

There are only a very few multiplayer battle on Windows Phone and not a lot of them are FREE so when we noticed a game that falls in both that category we had to tell you guys about it.

Robotek is a freemium game that offers in app purchases and offers a mix of turn-based combat, RPG-levelling and slot machine luck all packed in to an all out robot war.

So after the world was taken over by robots ,human still have access to a few good bot and you use them to reclaim what is rightfully yours. There are over 200 levels to play through with various upgrades available for purchase and you also have access to various attacks like lasers, microwaves and special abilities like the nuke.

Robotek Trailer

Robotek Screenshots

Robotek is a FREE game for Windows Phone

Robotek XAP Download

Click here or the logo of the game below.. you can even scan the barcode below using bing vision.

Scan this QRcode with Bing vision ( Hit the hardware Search button and click on the small icon that looks like an eye ) on your Phone to download the App to your phone.

Price : Free
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