Temple Run on Windows Phone .. needs more work

Temple Run Windows Phone

The Indiana Jones doppelganger has run all the way from iPhone in 2011 to Windows Phone in 2013, Temple Run is one of the high profile games that was released recently on our beloved platform. In this endless runner you are an explorer who just snatched an idol from what might be a sacred temple and this has pissed off the guardians entrusted to guard the idol and they are giving you chase. There is not much to the game in terms of story other than the fact you have to keep running as long as you can to avoid becoming guardian fodder.

When you launch the game you can check out the various objectives the games asks you to complete, things like getting 5000 coins to scoring 10 million points are all in there. These are kinda like achievements that you might see in xbox live games, obviously with out the gamerscore element to it. There is a stats section where you can see how you have performed in the game split by single run and lifetime. The store lets you upgrade various abilities and powerups, you can also buys various other characters that you can use in the game. The powerups comes as passive and active abilities some things like Double Value coins after 1000m automatically kicks in, you get to pick up colored coins for more points after 1000m ( duh ). While some of the other powerups like the magnet , invisibility, etc comes up in your path and you have to jump to pick it up the effects of these powerups only last a limited time some make them count. The options screen provides some basic options you can see in any games , you can toggle the tutorial on or off from here. The sensitivity in there is related to the accelerometer sensitivity and NOT swipe sensitivity ( we have a lot more to talk about the swipe sensitivity, we will get to that in a bit ). If you like to take shortcuts and buy your way out of things there is a More Coin option for all your in app purchase needs.

So let us get in to the game and see how it performs , clicking on the idol from the main menu will make the adventurer take the idol and then you start the mad dash to the exit avoiding obstacles and collecting coins on the way , while the mutated ape guardians give chase. There is a vertical meter to the left that fills up as you collect coins and it adds to your multiplier score and the top right shows you the current score and coins collected. Collecting coins gives you cash that you spend in the store to unlock various goodies. The controls are quite easy to pick up .. your character will run on his own , perhaps even faster than Forrest. You can issue a swipe up command to jump this can be used to jump over broken bridges and what not , then you have the slide ( swipe down ) which can be handy if you don’t want to get bbq’ed on the flame arch or go face first in to the tree roots that has crept up all over the place. You will also have to turn left or right which is done by swiping in the desired direction and finally you can use the accelerometer for strafing and collecting coins. That is all there is to the controls.

In the game your goal is to stay alive as long as possible and collect as many coins as you can. There are many ways in which you can die in this game falling of the path in to the river, smashing in to a wall, etc which are all instant kills . If you stumble up on a root the guardians chasing you will come up right behind you on the screen and when they are there and you stumble once more you are a dead man.

When the game was initially released everyone was playing it and it was fun competing against your mates and when you have a good score you get bragging rights till someone else beats your score, but that craze has passed along and not a lot of people play Temple Run these days that said the game is still very enjoyable when it works properly. On my lumia 920 the game seems to have a weird issue of not registering the swipe left and swipe right command, it works fine most of the time but then when it fails to work you don’t turn and fall straight in to the waiting mouth of a hungry crocodile and thus ending your hopes for getting that high score and this can be really frustrating. From the looks of it ( reading through the rating the game received ) I am not the only one with this issue and perhaps its only limited to Lumia devices. I would love to know if our readers on other devices faces the same issue, if you do please drop a comment below.

Version used for review :

Temple Run Gameplay

Temple Run Screenshots


Temple Run is a FREE game for Windows Phone with in app purchase.

Temple Run XAP Download

Click here or the logo of the app below.. you can even scan the barcode below using bing vision. To download the XAP to your PC click here

Scan this QRcode with Bing vision ( Hit the hardware Search button and click on the small icon that looks like an eye ) on your Phone to download the App to your phone.

Price : Free
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Temple Run on Windows Phone .. needs more work
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A nice little game if the controls can be fixed.
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  • ssss

    samsung focus s- windows 7.8 – xap file is invalid

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  • http://www.facebook.com/andrea.nagy.52687506 Andrea Nagy

    in hungary i can’t download…:S

    • http://www.facebook.com/andrea.nagy.52687506 Andrea Nagy

      win 7.8 lumia 800

  • http://www.facebook.com/frichias.alexandru Frichiaş Alexandru

    nokia 610 ?:))

  • sajid

    how can we download paid apps freely in windows8 mobile(lumia 620)

  • RAH

    Not registering the swipe happens on my HTC 8x as well. Frustrating…

    • http://www.getsomegames.com/ Saijo George

      Thanks for letting us know.

  • nightcom

    This version of Temple Run does have swipe gestures (up,down,left,right) problem, tested on both Lumia920 and HTC 8X.

    In-app purchase is also broken. I purchased coins and saw that it did get through the game as my coin count increased. I did NOT use any coins to purchase upgrade but rather I exited the game. When I re-open the game (start it from pinned tile) all the purchased coins are gone, that is it reverted back the number of coins that I have collected in the game.

    Now I am chasing Imangi for a refund as MS told me to contact them directly.

    • http://www.getsomegames.com/ Saijo George

      Sorry to hear that .. and thanks for letting me know about the swipe issue on the 8x

  • blairorr

    I also have the swiping problem and its driving me nuts

    • http://www.getsomegames.com/ Saijo George

      You and me both, I have given up trying to get a high score when it can randomly just end your run because of a bug

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