The Path of Kara : match 3 at its best

The Path of Kara Windows Phone

The Path of Kara is a game where you play as Kara, a young shaman on a quest to save her island from the evil shaman Grimur who wants to blow up the ancient volcano and destroy all life on the island. You have to battle evil monsters like the Kraken, giant spiders and what not .. ok now you might be wondering why I called it a match 3 game. Well its because you do everything in this game from collecting food, unlocking portals, battling enemies to repairing ship all through match 3 puzzles. When it comes to match 3 type of games you think the best game in this genre would be the popular Bejeweled title , I learned that that is not true. The Path of Kara is one of the best looking Windows Phone Puzzle Game. This is an exclusive Windows Phone Game that has got great graphics, music, gameplay and story telling that any puzzle fan will fall in love with. I don’t usually do it but you can skip the review and download it , it’s that good.

The Path of Kara Windows Phone

The Path of Kara Windows Phone

When you launch the game you can instantly tell the game developers Anshar Studios have put a lot of love in to the project. The narrative part of it is text driven and with some animation thrown in to it, that along with the amazing background music will take you on a good story driven puzzle adventure. The game play is quite simple if 3 or more similar items are together you trace your finger across them and they pop giving you points. In some of the levels you can pop 6 or more items in one go to unlock special items like the time portion or a bomb which can help you clear items next to it.

The game offer 72 levels over 7 quest with varying terrains you start off in the village collecting fruits and supplies for your journey then you go into a forest to find runes, through a cave to kill a big bad spider , fire cannons to defeat a kraken, stack up a ladder, solve puzzles by breaking rocks and locks and so on. The game changes the background and the objects you have to match according to these levels which is a nice touch. The animated backgrounds in the levels adds to the story telling experience. The controls are quite responsive and works well.

To sum up the game .. why are you still doing reading this? Hit the download button already !!

The Path of Kara Gameplay Video

The Path of Kara Screenshots


There is a trial version available and the full version is available for $0.99 ( which is a sale price, I think the full price is $2.49 ) , I think you only get access to 5 levels in the trial.

Version Under Review :

The Path of Kara XAP Download

Click here or the logo of the game below.. you can even scan the barcode below using bing vision. To download the XAP to your PC click here

Scan this QRcode with Bing vision ( Hit the hardware Search button and click on the small icon that looks like an eye ) on your Phone to download the App to your phone.

Price : $0.99
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The Path of Kara : match 3 at its best
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While some of the initial levels does not require you to think a lot and simple mindless swipes across 3 similar items will get you through the levels, the addition of special objects and puzzles with varying backgrounds and backdrop story to them keeps the game interesting and challenging while you race against the clock to complete the levels. The only slight issue I could come up with was some spelling errors in the narrative story-telling experience. ( that is some thing I easily forgive because I am notoriously bad at spellings ).
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